China Plastic Injection Molding
1. What’s certifications do you have? 

We have ISO9001:2015. And we plan to apply ISO9001:14000.

2. What quality control system do you have?

We strictly implement the relevant requirements of ISQ, and we have a standardized quality control process to to ensure the quality of each link.

3. How many injection machines? Tonnage range? 
We have 6 injection machines now, from 90T-260T. We plan to buy more than 2 injection molding machines with larger tonnages.

4. What software do you engineers use?
Auto CAD(Computer Aided Design), UG( united graph), solid word, proe are the main software we ues on mold design.

5. What’s your precision grade/ tolerance grade?

For mold, we guarantee the precision +/-0.005mm; and for parts, +/-0.01mm.

6.What’s your MOQ for production order? 
We don’t have MOQ limited.

7. How many molds do you make last year and what’s the annual turnover?

About 150 molds. Our turnover last year is 4 millions US dollar.

8.  What’s your payment terms? 

For mold payment, we usually adopt 40% againt PO as deposit, 40% after T1 samples, and final 20% before mold shipment. For injection production, 50% againt PO, final 50% before shipment. 

It could be flexible, we can discuss it in detail projects.

9.  Usually how long for the mold making for this kind of products?

For the simple mold in 2 tons, normally is about 30 days, and for more complicated or big mold, about 40-60 days sometimes.

10.  What mold material your company use? 

In depands on customer’s demands, what we often use  P20, S136, NAK 80, H13, 718H etc.

11. Do you have a test for the mold before shipment?

Yes, we have test and send the sample to customers before production or mold shipment.

12. What’s your after-sale service?

Normally if the mold is not damaged by man mistake operations, we have 1 year guarantee. During the time, we will repair the mold by sending it back to our factory, or our engineers will fly to your country.

For some wearing or consumable parts, we will prepare the interchangeable spare parts together with mold shipment.

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